Pocket QuickView

Pocket QuickView 2.0.13

Excellent image and video viewer with many extra features

Pocket QuickView is a very powerful and versatile app for working with digital images. You can view, edit and save in a wide variety of file formats. Play AVI and MOV video clips from digital cameras without needing to convert them. Capture screen shots in BMP, GIF, PCX or JPEG format. Display a slideshow with various transition effects and audio. Print black and white images to IRDA (infrared) printers. PQV is very good at handling large color and bilevel images such as JPEG, TIFF, CAL and MOD:CA files.

PQV was written from the ground up for speed and ease of use. Includes the following unique features:

  • View EXIF camera data (new)
  • Lossless JPEG rotate (new)
  • Record and play voice notes
  • Desktop PC version
  • Enhanced GUI with optional menu and toolbars
  • Much faster than the previous version (which was already fast)
  • Video playback now supports Cinepak, H.263 and Motion-JPEG codecs
  • The only software for the Pocket PC which can play the video clips from Kodak digital cameras
  • Advanced slide show function
  • Unique feature for batch processing of files
  • The fastest JPEG image viewer available

includes options to reduce memory usage and speed up display.
  • Image Preview Window

the file selector dialog includes an image preview window that is unparalleled in performance. On StrongARM CPUs a preview image of multi-megapixel images takes a small fraction of a second.
  • Screen Capture Utility

using direct screen access, PQV can capture the display of ANY program including games. Supports saving screens as BMP, PCX, GIF and JPEG.
  • Support for monochrome devices

now you can view photos well on your monochrome CE machine.
  • Supports many standard file formats including JPEG, GIF, Windows BMP (RLE too), CALS, TARGA, FLI/FLC, and FAX files.
  • Supports multipage file formats including TIFF, DCX, AWD (MS FAX), MOD:CA/IOCA, PDF and more.

Comprehensive, powerful imaging program.

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Pocket QuickView


Pocket QuickView 2.0.13

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